11 Aug

Brand Ambassador: Luzi

Brand Ambassador Luzi

We have a tip for everyone out there: keep an eye out in Hollywood for this super talented, beautiful, heart of gold starlet named Luzi! She’s an actress, model, advocate, and now our new brand ambassador for Adaptive Life Company!

#GirlPower means a lot around here and Luzi is at the head of the pack. She cares a lot about issues affecting kids with disabilities and goes above and beyond to stay connected. With all the organizations and activities she’s involved in we’re so lucky that Luzi has agreed to work as a clothing ambassador with our team. Everyone’s excited to share some of Luzi’s busy activities because she’s an inspiration to us and other adaptive kids to live your best life. Luzi is full of confidence and knows how to pack in a full week. Between her wheelchair dance class, playing basketball on the court, adaptive-surfing, acting classes, making time for artwork, and being a wonderful, caring person all at the same time, she’s got energy in spades. Having spina bifida or #BeautifulBifida as she calls it doesn’t slow her down!

Limb Differences are common and can occur for many different reasons throughout ones lifetime. Genetics, accidents, and the natural aging process all mean in this lifetime, you too may need adaptive-styled clothing and products, to make your unique situation easier. As a brand ambassador, Luzi represents the many faces of children who challenge corporations to include Limb Difference needs in their designs. Buttons, zippers, ties, opening bottles, product packaging, multi-key function software, utensils, sports equipment, etc. can all be challenges when your Limb Difference includes loss of dexterity or limb to fingers, toes, arms, legs, hands, feet.

What can you do to support? Take action and purchase from the adaptive-brands taking on this challenge. Together we can show corporations there is a financially viable special needs community willing to be loyal and purchase from adaptive-brands. As a special needs family, we want it to be easy to purchase high-quality products and have prevalent choices too! Instead we find ourselves struggling with too few options and expensive fixes. In a world where billions of dollars are spent making clothes for petite-size, plus-size, maternity wear, yoga wear, sports wear, and cute clothing for pets… there’s hardly any properly adaptive-styled choices for us! Now’s the perfect time to come onboard and change that!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Luzi, as a new member of our Adaptive Life Company team.

Check out AdaptiveLifeCompany.com SHOP LIKE A BOSS page and please use product code: LUZI to get 10% off, in addition to free Priority mail shipping! All the money earned goes back into creating more adaptive-styled clothing, funding charities, and raising awareness for your special family.

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