11 Aug

Brand Ambassador: Emily

Emily Brand Ambassador

You know how every so often someone magically comes into your life and makes you a better person just by knowing them? That’s how we feel about Emily. She’s a new brand ambassador for Adaptive Life Company and we pinch ourselves everyday to make sure it’s real. Emily is lighting the world on fire with her mission to bring about awareness for individuals with Limb Differences, as well as female empowerment and working to enhance individual lives through adaptive sport programs. Her beautiful soul, talent, humor, and sharp mind make her the ideal ambassador to represent all our same ideals (you should hire her too!). We’re so excited for you to hear more from her!

A lot of kids out there with physical disabilities need to know they’re not alone. So with that in mind, we’re giving Emily free reign to share her personal stories and experiences with her own Limb Difference challenges; and stay tuned as she posts interviews with folks who are making a positive impact in the community. As she says herself “there’s no better time than now to make a difference in our world!”

Limb Differences are common and can occur for many different reasons throughout ones lifetime. Genetics, accidents, and the natural aging process all mean in this lifetime, you too may need adaptive-styled clothing and products, to make your unique situation easier. As a brand ambassador, Emily represents the many faces of children who challenge corporations to include Limb Difference needs in their designs. Buttons, zippers, ties, opening bottles, product packaging, multi-key function software, utensils, sports equipment, etc. can all be challenges when your Limb Difference includes loss of dexterity or limb to fingers, toes, arms, legs, hands, feet.

What can you do to support? Take action and purchase from the adaptive-brands taking on this challenge. Together we can show corporations there is a financially viable special needs community willing to be loyal and purchase from adaptive-brands. As a special needs family, we want it to be easy to purchase high-quality products and have prevalent choices too! Instead we find ourselves struggling with too few options and expensive fixes. In a world where billions of dollars are spent making clothes for petite-size, plus-size, maternity wear, yoga wear, sports wear, and cute clothing for pets… there’s hardly any properly adaptive-styled choices for us! Now’s the perfect time to come onboard and change that!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Emily, as a new member of our Adaptive Life Company team.

Check out AdaptiveLifeCompany.com SHOP LIKE A BOSS page and please use product code: EMILY to get 10% off, in addition to free Priority mail shipping! All the money earned goes back into creating more adaptive-styled clothing, funding charities, and raising awareness for your special family.

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2 thoughts on “Brand Ambassador: Emily

  1. Congratulations Emily, It’s great that you can share your personal expirances with other people; giving them the self confidence that you have so elegantly shown throughout your young life. I am very proud of you. ❤️

  2. That’s my girl..always helping others and always with a smile. You have made all of your family so proud of the woman you have become. Congrats, honey, and keep up your good work..love you

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