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Hey Adaptive Warriors!
We’re so glad you’re here. Thank you for supporting this socially impactful brand. To all the kids out there wanting a lifestyle brand you can put energy into, spread the word about, and trust to make useful products designed with your physical challenges in mind, this is for you!
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Why Adaptive Clothing?

The fashion industry has been too slow to catch the world’s biggest and most under-served market share of our lifetime: over 1 billion individuals living with a physical disability.

At Adaptive Life Company, we’re a team that has first hand experience with physical disabilities, just like many of you. Up until now, we’ve spent a lot of time and money adapting our own clothing after purchase. We’ve tried various techniques in altering, cutting, tailoring, and sewing back together everything from jeans and shirts, to jackets and shoes. All the while being frustrated that we can’t simply go online and purchase ready-made, out of the box, adapted styles. Our choices seemed to be either medical-looking garments or being outfitted Velcro’d head to toe. Not cute. What we want is the latest trendy fashion, with thoughtful construction applied, so that we can get the same colorful shirts and pants that our peers are wearing.

Expression and #FashionForAll

Clothing adds to our personalities, self expression and individual styles make us unique. When we wear something we love, whether it’s a sweatshirt or a dress it gives us confidence. Favorite colors and texture can trigger better moods, brighten our day, and give us one less thing to worry about.

However, if you’re an individual who lives with a short term or long term physical disability, there is often a problem with range of motion, dexterity or limb difference. That can result in not being able to cope with buttons, laces, ties, zippers etc.

Many families have been down similar paths

Just like us, many families have been taking pre-existing wardrobe and modifying it, in order to get it on and off. Adding lots of elastic, Velcro, and hiring an expensive professional tailor has been the only way to adapt. You’re left with little to no choice of your own in what you can get on your body to wear.

For kids who are in school, not being able to dress by themselves due to their physical disability and further stressed by the act of zippers, buttons, ties, etc. exasperates their daily situation. They get intimidated to use the restroom, join after school programs for fear of having to change into uniforms, and asking for assistance can be embarrassing. We’ve heard loads of stories!

But no more!

We’ve taken matters into our own hands. With the help and support of our global adaptive community, together we’re creating the original ALC lifestyle brand. Our passion for reinvention has us working hard to uphold high standards for performance and design. And now we’ve made it easy to purchase cool-looking, ready-made adapted clothes.

Our first edition jackets

Our jackets been designed by adaptive kids who know what’s needed. The jackets are easy to open and close using our patented-magnetic buttons which are safe, washable, wearable, and discretely hidden down the placket. Our high quality, 100% cotton is double lined and pre-shrunk to fit. These soft jackets also have deep side pockets and a cool hoodie! It’s everything you’d want.

And best of all!

We’re achieving our goal of making kids feel empowered and happy through the independence and self care of dressing on their own. We wished this company existed when we were growing up. But with your support ALC can thrive in our community and provide adapted clothing and products for the next generation. Thank you for stopping by and (hopefully) purchasing your kids a jacket. Together we can give kids with disabilities  an easier and brighter future. And that’s what it’s all about!


There are more than 326 million people living in the U.S., some 1 in 5 have a disability. That’s 20 percent of the U.S. population! In other words, there are 65 million Americans, and more than 1 billion people worldwide who, right now, could benefit from better product innovation, specifically designed for those with special adaptive needs.

At ALC, we believe this huge demographic for kids and adults is commercially under-served. We want to bring creative solutions to the people who need them the most.

Join us and show your support!

Thank you,

the ALC Team