Adaptive Life Company is a fashion, product and service company for individuals with physical disabilities. We offer cool, ready-to-wear, California inspired clothing with a creative twist.

Our patent pending re-engineered clothing turns expected conventional construction on its head. We’re disrupting the fashion industry by including hidden magnetic closures and other adaptive details making getting dressed easier for the one billion kids and adults worldwide who have a physical disability. It’s clothing that won’t slow you down!

We’re a feel good, can-do, adventurous group of individuals looking to make the world a friendlier more inclusive place.

This begins by sharing experiences and goals from people who care and support our brand’s mission… and it continues by sourcing and creating products, designed specifically FOR people with adaptive needs, BY people with adaptive needs.

Because we get it!


Bold colors, soft fabrics, and thoughtful details take your favorite styles next-level!

We’ve inserted magnets into waterproof PVC pouches and double sewn them in-between layers of fabric. The magnets are hidden inside the shirt placket down the front and inside each sleeve cuff. Atop each magnet is a high-quality button, cut and dyed in Italy especially for Adaptive Life Company. The shirts are made from 100% breathable cotton and fully-lined with an additional layer of the softest black cotton. It’s feels great against your skin and stands up to the most rugged kid testing!

All our shirts are pre-shrunk so there are no surprises after the washer and dryer! It’s high-quality construction made in the USA.